Leader: Pastor Dwight Cole II

God gave me what to name this work about eight years ago. We held our first service in my dining room, with just my wife and our seven children. Not having any church furniture or congregation, I told organization leadership, "I WANT TO SEE WHAT GOD WILL DO!"   We then stepped out on faith, renting 334 square feet of office space. GOD showed favor by helping us to obtain church furniture, and by fulfilling the scripture (II Corinthians 8:12---For if there be first a willing mind).  We held our first service on 3/16/2008, the message being titled,  "Friend, go up Higher,"  And we continue in the work of the LORD.

It is good to note that as long as the LORD allows us to live we continue to add to our history. On 4/24/09 My wife and I were accepted into the Assemblies of the LORD Jesus Christ (ALJC).

On 6/2/2009 Sure Foundation Apostolic Church received approval from city of Indianapolis. The hearing was to obtain Special Exception of the dwelling districts zoning ordinance to provide for a  religious use. I firmly trust GOD and I WANT TO SEE WHAT HE WILL DO! So preparation is being made to leave our rented office space and enter into GOD's field.

On 6/29/09 Sure Foundation Apostolic Church purchased land at the corner of S. Rural and Minnesota St.

On 10/21/09 Sure Foundation Apostolic Church, was granted permits from the city of Indianapolis to begin construction. This process has been long and trying. I have grown through this process. The best part :  GOD's hand of favor on us has given us more testimonies to share of what GOD can and will do. More is still to come!

We have received blessings from GOD,  for he has moved on the hearts of certain people who have donated time and resources. We would like to name the following:

**Kelly Fisher**

**Daniel K. Sweatt**

**Richard Taylor**

**Jason Hancock**

**Chad Butler**

**Steven Strykowski**

 On 5/30/10 We held our first public service at our new location.

On 11/5/10 We are working our neighborhood offering Bible studies and inviting to services. Doing the work of GOD you don't know the stage of the people you encounter. Some you are planting, some you are watering. GOD is faithful, for he will give the increase.

On 2/19/11 We began radio broadcast, WBRI 1500 AM. Our program every Saturday at 4:30 pm. Because of GOD's favor, the station provides us bonus airing free of charge. Right now the bonus airing is Sunday's 7:00 am (subject to change).

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